About Kanaria

Kanaria's Initial Collectible Offering is a set of limited edition collectibles, aimed at funding the RMRK team in developing the NFT and other custom logic standards on Kusama and its sister networks.
The collectibles evolve over two phases:
  • Tamago is the "egg" period during which KSM holders can claim eggs, emote to them, and have others emote to them as well.
  • Tori is the hatching period during which eggs incubate based on emotes they got and some random number inputs from the Kusama blockchain itself, and after which the eggs are burned and turned into unique Canaries (Kanaria, Jap.).
Each bird will be provably unique with millions of possible cosmetic combinations. The first 99 birds, also known as Super Founder and Founder birds, will also have additional unique artwork as a secondary art piece.
These birds will come with certain traits which we'll soon reveal more about, but here's a taste (trait names are subject to change):
  • the Rev trait will provide the holder of the bird with active participation in all business ventures by the RMRK team, for the life of the bird, in order to recoup the claiming cost.
  • the Discount trait will give the holder a certain discount on specific RMRK products like /s.apps, SaaS, and more, going as far as entirely removing fees and commissions in certain UIs.
  • the Free trait will allow a holder to launch a RMRK service for free, like a 100% Discount trait. This can be used on something as simple as minting an NFT, to something as powerful as launching an NFT sale with RMRK and not being charged a success fee on it (possible millions of dollars in savings).
  • the Early Bird trait will allow a holder to gain early access to RMRK-incubated projects and early launches of both internal RMRK tools and products, and partner teams.
  • Other traits will be revealed as time goes by, and will be documented on a dedicated traits page.
For a full breakdown of how the emote system works, how the traits will work, and how the hatching mechanics work, please see this post: Kanaria: How it all works.
Please note that claiming is in no way an investment, and the RMRK team makes no promises about future return or any appreciation of the purchased digital collectibles. While we will honor the rev trait to its fullest extent by including all owners of Rev-trait birds in our business endeavors and gradually reimbursing their claim cost, the collectibles of Kanaria are to be regarded as merely that: collectibles, limited edition NFTs from the nascent NFTs-on-Kusama-industry boom.
Future Series
In the future, more eggs and birds may be minted by either the RMRK team or teams who choose to use our framework. However, only this initial set of 9999 collectibles will ever have the main Kanaria traits that give you for-life advantages in the RMRK family of protocols and apps. They are truly unique, special, and highly advantageous to own.
If you want to know more about Kanaria, here's our deck. For questions and clarifications, please see FAQ.


Bruno Škvorc
Blockchain and dapp developer.
Yuri Petusko
Fullstack developer with over 10 years of experience who wants to contribute to building a better, safer and more decentralised web.
Yuri Girjanski
Tech head with almost a decade of experience in web development who's keen to contribute in a bright decentralised future for all.
Ilia Dvornikovs
Experienced multidisciplinary developer, creator and explorer with focus on delivering high quality innovative solutions.