Super founder
Limited edition
Kanaria is an initial collectible offering on Kusama, where proceeds in KSM for clamining collectible digital eggs are put towards long term sustainability of the RMRK team and the expansion of the NFT ecosystem on and around Kusama.
If you haven't yet, please:
  • read the announcement
  • take a look at our Kanaria deck below
There are two main phases: Tamago, during which eggs are claimed, and Tori, during which eggs are hatched. Hou-Ou is the culmination of the Tori phase, marking the burning of unclaimed and unhatched eggs, reducing the supply, and minting birds into their owners' accounts.


Please note that claiming is in no way an investment, and the RMRK team makes no promises about future return or any appreciation of the purchased digital collectibles. While we will honor the rev trait to its fullest extent by including all owners of Rev-trait birds in our business endeavors and gradually reimbursing their claim cost, the collectibles of Kanaria are to be regarded as merely that: collectibles, limited edition NFTs from the nascent NFTs-on-Kusama-industry boom.
How to Claim
Browse the list of eggs for one you like. Open the egg's page, and claim it. Claiming will require you to pay a certain KSM cost:
  • 100 KSM per founder egg
  • 20 KSM per rare egg
  • 2 KSM per limited edition egg
You will have to go through KYC, as documented here
The public claim is not accessible to non-accredited USA investors. If you are an accredited investor in the USA, please get in touch via hello@rmrk.app