What are Kanaria Eggs?
Kanaria Eggs are NFTs built on the RMRK standard and published on the Kusama blockchain. In simple terms, they are digital collectibles which will "hatch" into special Canaries (Kanaria, Jap.) after some period of time has elapsed and some other conditions have been met on each egg.
What is an NFT?
An NFT is a provably unique digital collectible. This can be art, an access pass, a piece of a movie, a song, a website, a web domain, a certificate - anything non fungible, i.e. not replaceable by other entities of the same type (i.e. my cat is fungible for your cat, but my dollar bill is probably fungible for yours).
For a written crash course into NFTs, please see this post, and for a video breakdown of NFT history, their present, and their future on Kusama, please watch
What is Kusama?
To understand what Kusama is, you have to know what Polkadot is.
Polkadot is a blockchain system that connects other blockchain systems. Ethereum and Bitcoin are two blockchains that are incompatible - they cannot talk to each other. Through Polkadot, they can.
Kusama is a blockchain that serves as Polkadot's "Canary network". This means upgrades that are built for the Polkadot chain first land on Kusama as kind of a real-world economic testing ground. It is not a testnet, but an experinet where there's real economic buy-in. In fact, the Kusama blockchain has branched off significantly from Polkadot, and is now enjoying a reputation of being art, cypherpunk, and experimentation friendly as opposed to its more conservative cousin Polkadot.
There are other differences too which you can read about here, but the short version is: Kusama is a creativity-focused blockchain that helps other blockchains talk to each other.
Can I claim eggs with Ether?
How much does it cost to claim an egg?
100 KSM for the Founder eggs, 20 KSM for Rare, and 2 KSM for Limited Edition eggs.
Where can I get KSM tokens?
Check the various markets, or use the "Get KSM" button in the header of this website to buy through our partner Ramp Network.
What is RMRK?
In a nutshell, a standard for creating logic on a blockchain without built-in logic. Find out more in the docs.
Where can I see the eggs I own?
Any RMRK-spec compatible UI will be able to show them, but the easiest way is to access the Your Nest page after you connect a wallet to the Kanaria website.
How can I hatch my eggs?
Please see this post.
How does the EMOTE system work?
Please see this post.
What do the different egg background colors mean?
Nothing, they're just styling and have no extra effect.
What are you going to use the funds for?
After recouping costs, the RMRK team will:
  • put most of the funds right back into the Kusama ecosystem by participating in the Proof of Stake mechanism and helping secure the network.
  • actively seek out partnerships with platforms and chains building on Kusama and Polkadot for a rapid expansion of the RMRK ecosystem and finance ecosystem development with grants.
  • develop open source technology and standards for the community, and build for-profit products and services that pay back the profits to our founding investors and further increase the economic security of RMRK validators.
  • finance a full time team of 4 to do all of the above.
Who is behind this project?
Please see the about page.
Is this project officially endorsed by Polkadot, Kusama, or the Web3 Foundation?
It is not.
RMRK was started as a side-project by Bruno Škvorc. While RMRK as a technology has been used by the Foundation and its grantees in some ways, neither it nor Kanaria are in no way endorsed or supported by the Foundation.
Is this a sale?
This is not a sale. It is an initial collectible offering which allows KSM holders to use some of their KSM in order to claim a limited edition digital collectible with special platform-specific functionality and beautiful art.
What is the difference between Kanaria, RMRK, and Kodadot?
RMRK is the standard for building NFTs on Kusama. Kodadot is a UI using that standard, but is not fully compatible (i.e. it is not safe to list or buy on that platform, but it is safe to mint). Kanaria is a tech demo and product built on top of RMRK, one that will be used as the base for an open source free-for-all minting UI once its components have been sufficiently battle tested and polished. At the same time, Kanaria is a fundraising method for the RMRK team so that we can stay independent and continue to evolve the standard and the ecosystem around it.