RMRK Token

Snapshot of eggholders for token distribution has happened on
1st of July 2021 at 12pm CET

*Any eggs purchased via p2p after this date will not be eligble for the fairdrop*
Connect your wallet to learn how many tokens you're eligible for
88.2848% of all tokens have been allocated to everyone who had an egg or a bird in their address on July 1st, as a gesture of thanks to all our earliest supporters. This matches the ratio of Kanaria eggs that have been claimed.
11.7152% remains in the hands of the RMRK team, the distribution of which will be explained subsequently, but a large part will go to team vesting, with leftovers being used for token swaps with partner projects, market making, and partnerships and/or grants. Due to the low amount of remaining tokens, no private or public sale is planned at this time.
A more in depth post about token plans will be written and published in the coming weeks - subscribe to the blog, newsletter, or our Twitter account to be notified when it's live.
Claiming the tokens
There is no action needed to claim the tokens - they will land in your account automatically, and will be reflected in the header balance. Read more here.
Some egg holders have missed the opportunity to hatch their eggs and get powerful NFTs. Nonetheless, they still get the tokens.
Token Utility
Please see this post to learn about the utility of the token and find out more answers to common questions.